We are a research group focusing on applying and developing computational physics apparatuses. Our primary mission is to study the electronic structure and physical properties of condensed phase materials. We do so by harnessing the power of accurate first-principles electronic structure methods and a number of theoretical tools. We aim to solve puzzles in the forefront of materials research, and to forge toolkits for computing physical properties of real materials.

The principal investigator of the group is Dr. Ji Feng (冯济), who is currently the Boya (博雅) Distinguished Professor of Peking University. Ji joined the faculty of the International Center for Quantum Materials in the School of Physics in 2011. The research group is compact in size, in relative terms. Group members include graduate and undergraduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. Over the years, we have contributed mainly to optical, transport and magnetic properties of vallytronics materials, topological materials and 2-dimensional materials.

for prospective students

Typically, one graduate student, occasionally two, for Ph.D. joins the group each year. A postdoctoral position is currently open for application. Undergraduate students are also an integral part of the group, many of whom have completed successful projects. In case you have an interest in computational physics, please take a look at our research and publications pages for more information. At the same time, feel free to discuss with any of our group members to find out more about the group. If you are keen to join the group, please write to Ji Feng.

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